Humphrey The Far-sighted Dragonfly

Book Summary:

What's a farsighted little dragonfly to do when he can see miles away but cannot see what’s right in front of his nose? Humphrey must win the annual Gnat-Catching Competition to uphold his family tradition, but countless obstacles await him.

Every year, dragonflies come and compete to be the best “gnat-catcher.” Humphrey is determined to uphold the family's honor. He spent all winter practicing his gnat catching skills, doing his wing exercises and eating all the right foods. Humphrey is all set but there are some major problems facing him.

Author and Illustrator, Keith D. McSwain Sr., deals with problems children face. Humphrey, the Farsighted Dragonfly is delightful and a must read for fans of children's books.


Author: Keith McSwain
Published: 2013

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