The Orphan Spirit

Book Summary:

The actions of the Church profoundly affect the earth. When the apostolic and prophetic offices were removed as critical members from the five-fold ministry of the Church body, the earth suffered greatly – it became orphaned. This orphan spirit is a subtle and deceiving spirit characterized by: Self-sufficiency, Independence and Self-absorption. Self-worth is also challenged in the mind of the orphan spirit.  

The orphan spirit will only be broken by the reestablishment of the five-fold ministry offices within the Church. The alignment of these critical members will break the stronghold of the orphan spirit off the Church and the earth.   

This book will provoke the Church to arise into her place of ruler ship, bind the strongman of the orphan spirit on its members and on the earth by returning to the original plan of the Father to make us His sons and daughters dispelling the orphan spirit forever.

Author: Norma Borrero
Published: 2013

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